Saturday, May 16, 2009

Spiritual Warfare And Military Families

This morning, at church - our district pastor touched base on spiritual warfare. It really has me thinking... we need to have more people praying for Christian Military Wives and the families of those who volunteer for Christian Military Wives.

Every time Christian Military Wives has an advancement, it seems like something goes wrong within our family - causing stress levels to go up.

I didn't connect everything until this morning.

Christian Military Wives now has a pro bono lawyer working for us. He is doing all of the non-profit, 501c3 paper work for us. Shortly after his efforts began, my husband began having more health issues.

Christian Military Wives then had a web development company volunteer to design a fresh, new interactive website... the day that happened - and I began praising God was the day that we found out the Army wanted me to start taking my husband back into work daily (an hour there, an hour back) just for facial accountability. This was a stress to me, because that takes about 3 hours total a day that I feel is wasted. My husband has PTSD and it is aggrivated by the military enviornment, so please pray that the transition of going back to afternoon formation will go smooth for him, as a matter of fact - it would be wonderful if God could arrange it so he can continue on with phone check-in accountability.

There have been other things that have happened to our CMW members - such as marriage problems that are on the increase, parenting challenges, etc. I think this is Satin trying to stick his big nose into things.

Here's where I am now...

I am asking for prayer - our family has been under an enormous amount of stress. Please pray that God will lift our burdens, and that we can feel at peace. It feels so good doing Gods will, and Satin has used that against us. I have tried to pray by myself, but I now realize - we need help with this problem. We need people all around to start really praying for our ministry!

Please pray:
  1. That God will protect our family as well as all CMW members from sickness and stress or any other tries Satin has up his sleeve that we may not even know about
  2. That God places a shield of angels around us, so that we can continue on with His work
I really feel like there is a huge battle going on right now at Fort Bragg and in the military community. Families are breaking every day. Satin knows that the Christian Military Wives organization is out to specifically win military families to Christ - and he's not liking it.

Please pray that Satin will stay away from our military families - that God will open up opportunities to allow Christians to shine as testaments to these families who so much need him.


Patti K.
Christian Military Wives - Founder