Monday, April 6, 2009

April 8, 2009 Call Of Prayer Day

Dear friends,

We have been praying together for military families in a prayer initiative that would bring our troops and families through “a persistent war on several fronts”. We would like you to know about a significant event that is being sponsored by the Army Chief of Chaplains next Wednesday, April 8th. Chaplain (Major General) Douglas L. Carver U.S. Army has issued a proclamation dated 2 March 2009 which calls all of his chaplains to a day of prayer and fasting according to their traditions on that day. Chaplain Carver also cites the Army stand down and training concerning “Suicide Prevention and Awareness” in his call to prayer. We ask you to join the Army chaplaincy in observing this day of prayer and fasting.

We also ask you to pray specifically on that day for a particular soldier. This soldier has demonstrated the effects of PTSD and has shown suicidal indicators. While his name and situation will not be given we ask you to pray for him and his family who are in desperate need of God’s intervention in his life. Their suffering is immense at this time.

Thank you for considering this request. Perhaps, you might ask your church to pray also.

In Christ,

Cal Dunlap Bob Flynn


Executive Director President / CEO