Friday, November 7, 2008

Letter From Bob Dees, Major General, US ARMY Retired

Dear Friends,

Please join us at Military Ministry in honoring those who have and will serve so faithfully in our nation's military uniforms. In reality, where would we be without them? What if our great Veterans had not been at Valley Forge, or Iwo Jima, or the Bulge? Or what if they decided that it was too windy and wet on 6 June 1944... too uncomfortable to unhinge an entire continent from the domination of an evil empire? Fortunately, we do not have to ask that question. Our Veterans were there - they showed up - every time we have needed them. Yes, where would we be without them? - We would not be the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. In fact, America is the Land of the Free because of the Brave... those brave Veterans of past, present, and prayerfully the future who lay it all down on our behalf as a free nation.

Apart from the challenges of national economic, political, and cultural landscapes; there is one other national challenge that must not be delegated to the sidelines of our hearts and energies at this time in our nation's history. Our troops and their families desperately need us, more than ever before. As the "exoderm" of our country, they are wounded, bruised, cut on our behalf... and many bleed, die, or return with the hidden wounds of war that strike to their very heart, soul, mind, and spirit. The government is working this hard, but they do not have the capacity or the appropriate spiritual focus to truly address these hidden wounds. Without mobilizing communities and churches across America to address the impacts of combat trauma and particularly Post Traumatic Stress, we simply will break trust with those great military servants who have put it on the line for us. Said another way, the nation who fails to heal the wounds of war is at great peril.

Now that the 2008 national elections are history, let me ask you to cast one more vote.

* VOTE for our troops and their families, for spiritual nurture to guard, guide, and sustain them in the challenging days ahead. They desperately need continued strength, courage, and resilience.
* VOTE to help Military Ministry provide Faith in the Foxhole and Hope on the Home Front for our nation's military and their families.
* VOTE that our "Bridges to Healing" ministry will equip thousands of churches across America to reach combat trauma sufferers and their families with the healing power of God.

Our "time such as this" opportunity is to spiritually strengthen our military and impact our entire nation. Military Ministry needs your prayer support, your physical assistance, and your financial help. We need your VOTE. Our troops and their families will be glad you did!

Bob Dees
Major General, US Army, Retired
Executive Director, CCCI Military Ministry
1-800-444-6006, Ext 7210
202-468-9208 (cell)

To the ENDS of the EARTH!